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For the past two weeks I’ve had the opportunity to eat, sleep, breathe, live and everything else that goes into… Nashville. I’ve loved every minute of it! On top of the heart pounding live shows I’ve attended, the hilarious musical I was able to watch, the mind altering work from

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Gettin’ Sticky With It

Behold!  The brand new Harley Jay sticker! 4 inch x 3 inch sized sticky stickers that stick to stuff. [say THAT 3 times fast] What do I plan on doing with these bad boys?!  I plan on sticking them to stuff.  To everything!  But, I’m going to need some help.

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Welcome to the brand new (as of 1-12-2014) homepage for me, Harley Jay!  Take a look around, check out the tunes and the videos and you can also download my record Without Wax for FREE! If you’re in Nashville anytime from January 12th-February 1st let’s hang!  I’d love to say

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